HONG KONG, December 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Puji Group and Fu Wah International Group announced in Hong Kong the launch of a new joint venture – Pulong Capital that is focused on strategic investment opportunities in China’s high-growth sectors including tourism real estate, consumer lifestyle, and technology in Greater China.

Fu Wah is a Beijing-based global family investment group. Mrs. Chan Laiwa, the Chairman of Fu Wah, was reported as China’s richest woman by the Hurun Rich List in 2016, and is ranked as the top five richest women in China for more than 10 consecutive years. She is famous throughout China for establishing the China Red Sandalwood Museum which showcases some of the most elaborate splendid works of art featuring traditional Chinese culture and red sandalwood.

Mr. Chiu Yung, the President of Fu Wah International Group said: “Fu Wah has made steady progress in China market with its distinctive outlook and investment into our culture industry platform. In recent years, encouraged by Chinese government, Fu Wah has made it as an integral part of its core strategy to actively seek overseas investment and cooperation. Fu Wah and Puji has nurtured a long-standing friendship of mutual trust and common vision. Puji maintains deep and extensive strategic partnerships and relationships with leading domestic and foreign companies and tycoon families, and also provides rich project resources in our focused industries. Through this joint venture with Puji, Fu Wah has taken a crucial step to better look for investment opportunities and create market value in China and the world.”

“We are honored to cooperate closely with Fu Wah. Fu Wah not only has an esteemed brand name and strong infrastructure in China’s commercial real estate sector, but also owns deep connections and extensive network in Beijing and throughout China. In addition, for decades Fu Wah has been committed to promote traditional Chinese culture. The China Red Sandalwood Museum is one example that has been independently built by Fu Wah and has become an important platform for China’s emerging cultural exchanges. With these exceptional attributes, Fu Wah will be a strong business alliance for Puji, especially in Beijing.” said Alex Szeto, Investment Director of Puji. “Puji has been active in China and western media and entertainment industries for over ten years – bridging the access, strategy, and resources for communications and cross-border cooperation between Eastern and Western cultures. The primary goal of this joint venture is to perfectly capitalize on the opportunities in cultural-related tourism real estate, consumer lifestyle, technology and other rapidly growing industries domestically and abroad.”

About Fu Wah
Established in Hong Kong in 1980s, Fu Wah International Group is an enterprise that invests in diversified industries such as property development, asset management, arts& culture and finance domestically and abroad. Its representative projects include Lee Garden, Chang An Canal, Mandarin Court, and the commercialized Wangfujing District’s Jinbao Street which is independently developed and operated in the heart of Beijing. Fu Wah also owns many high-end luxury hotels overseas including the Melbourne Park Hyatt Hotel and the Auckland Park Hyatt Hotel in New Zealand.
For more information, please visit http://www.fuwahgroup.com.